Ord.Wk 2nd: Thursday 23rd January, 2020

Dear Friend in the Lord, Crowds – Faith?  In today’s Gospel, great crowds from all over were clamouring for Jesus as they heard of His Healing powers.  Many of them sought Jesus only because He was able to heal them.  They were not searching for the True Messiah.  Continue Reading

Ord.Wk 2nd: Wednesday 22nd January, 2020

Dear Friend in the Lord, Compassion – Suffering: In today’s Gospel, Jesus cured the man with a withered hand on the Sabbath.  Through this healing, Jesus reveals that God’s Compassion for those suffering physically and emotionally is inseparable from the Good News of Salvation.  Ponder on the Truth Continue Reading

Ord.Wk 2nd: Tuesday 21st January, 2020

Dear Friend in the Lord, “Sabbath Day”: In today’s Gospel, Jesus proclaims, “The Sabbath was made for man; so the Son of Man is the Master even of the Sabbath.”  Is Jesus our Saviour our true meaning, motive and model of the love we show, sacrifices we make, Continue Reading

Ord.Wk 2nd: Monday 20th January, 2020

Dear Friend in the Lord, Good News of Salvation: In today’s Gospel, Jesus proclaims that the Good News of Salvation brings Real Hope into our world of “darkness, sin, evil and destruction.”  We experience human weaknesses in our “suffering”.  But, the Good News will eventually triumph, in Eternal Continue Reading

Ord.Wk 2nd: Sunday 19th January, 2020

Dear Friend in the Lord, Proclaim Jesus: In today’s Gospel, John the Baptist’s fidelity in his mission of preparing all his disciples to follow Jesus, as the Messiah is truly inspiring.  Likewise, we are reminded that our mission in life is to witness to the Truth of Jesus Continue Reading

Ord.Wk 1st: Saturday 18th January, 2020 (Mk 2:13-17)

Dear Friend in the Lord, Jesus and Sinners: In today’s Gospel, Jesus and His disciples were dining at the house of the tax collector.  The Pharisees questioned the reason for Jesus to eat with sinners.  We are hypocritical if we consider ourselves too righteous to associate with other Continue Reading

Ord.Wk 1st Wk: Friday 17th January, 2020 (Mk 2:1-5,10-12a)

Dear Friend in the Lord, Faith in Jesus: In today’s Gospel, as the crowd clamouring for Jesus fully packed the house. The friends of the paralytic, stripped the roof, and lowered his body for Jesus to cure.  Seeing their faith, Jesus cured him.  Ponder on your life and Continue Reading

Ord.Wk 1st: Thursday 16th January, 2020 (Mk 1:40-45)

Dear Friend in the Lord, Joy of Faith: In today’s Gospel, the man who was cured of his virulent skin disease, was overjoyed.  He could not contain the joy within himself, but proclaimed it to all peoples, even though Jesus warned him not to do so.  What is Continue Reading

Ord.Wk 1st: Wednesday 15th January, 2020 (Mk 1:32-39)

Dear Friend in the Lord, Jesus Cures: In today’s Gospel, the crowd brought all who were sick, diseased and possessed by devils to Jesus.   Jesus cured them all and the evil spirits were terrified of Him.  Is our trust for God strong enough to surrender all our worries, Continue Reading

Ord. Wk 1st: Tuesday 14th January, 2020 (Mk 1:21b-27)

Dear Friend in the Lord, Jesus’ Teaching: In today’s Gospel, Jesus taught in the synagogue with great authority, newness, and power to drive out unclean spirits.  Are we open to being touched and transformed by the Words of Jesus when the Gospel is proclaimed?   Are we lukewarm in Continue Reading

Ord.Time Wk 1st: Monday 13th January, 2020

Dear Friend in the Lord, “Fishers of Men” – Faith: Jesus calls His disciples, “Come, I will make you fishers of men”.  At once, they left their nets and followed Him.  Are we open or reluctant and resistant to follow God’s Will?  Are there any attachments that are Continue Reading

Baptism of the Lord: Sunday 12th January, 2020

Dear Friend in the Lord, Baptism of Jesus: In today’s Gospel, Jesus allows Himself to be Baptised by John the Baptist.  He thereby sanctifies the waters for Baptism.  The Triune God then reveals Himself as the Father, affirming Him as Son, and the Spirit appears in the form Continue Reading

Saturday after Epiphany: 11th January, 2020

Dear Friend in the Lord, “Disease” – Healing: In today’s Gospel, the man with skin disease humbled himself and pleaded with Jesus to cure him.  Jesus, in His Merciful Love cured him.  We are each “physically, emotionally and spiritually” in need of healing from Jesus.  Are we humble Continue Reading

Friday after Epiphany: 10th January, 2020

Dear Friend in the Lord, Jesus – The Truth: In today’s Gospel, Jesus proclaimed the Truth of the Good News at His home village in Nazara, and all were astonished by His gracious words.  Are we open to the Truth of the Good News that challenges us to Continue Reading
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