3rd Week of Lent (B) : Tuesday 5th March 2024

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Dear Lord, help me to be merciful

3rd Week of Lent (B) : Tuesday 5th March 2024

Dan 3:25, 34-43; Ps. 24:4-9;
2 Tim. 1:8-10;
Mt. 18:21-35 (Ps. Wk. III)

The Scripture readings today replete themes familiar to the Season of Lent – humanity’s state of sinfulness, the cry to God for mercy, and the willingness of God to forgive those who sincerely repent of their sins and to imbibe God likewise.

In the first reading, Azariah says to God, “Do not abandon us forever, for the sake of Your name” and “Do not disappoint us; treat us gently, as You Yourself are gentle and very merciful”. The psalmist cries out, “Do not remember the sins of my youth because of Your goodness, O Lord.” Indeed, the sinner who cries out to God is never abandoned by God who “shows the path to those who stray.”

God, like the king in Jesus’ parable, is willing to fully forgive the servant who owes him ten thousand talents after the servant pleads with him for mercy. However, the king also expects the servant to show mercy to others. Likewise, just as God is always willing to forgive us, He expects us to be merciful to those who seek mercy from us. Therefore, being merciful is not a one-way process where we only want to be the recipients but are not willing to give it.

Lent is an opportune time for us to render mercy where we have failed to show mercy, in thought and deed. Let us not delay, for God’s judgement is not impossible and may be near.

Lord, help me to be merciful.

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