2nd Week of Lent (B) : Sunday 25th February 2024

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Lord, help me to trust in You completely

2nd Week of Lent (B) : Sunday 25th February 2024

Gen. 22:1-2,9,10-13,15-18;
Ps. 115:10,15,16-17,18-19;
Rom. 8:31b-34; Mk. 9:2-10 (Ps. Wk. II)

Sacrificing our children is something that would horrify people, and we could not imagine God asking this of us. But as the story goes, God asked Abraham to do just that. His long- awaited heir – Isaac – had arrived and now he was asked to give him up. God had no intention of allowing this to happen. He was testing Abraham’s trust and understanding that everything was a gift from God and not our own property. What would God ask of us if we were put to the test?

Could we trust God enough? Sometimes we might feel that the whole world is against us. We might feel guilty, ashamed, or inadequate. But Paul is reassuring: if God is for us – as God certainly is – who or what could possibly be against us? God is our protector and champion.

Peter and James were stunned and speechless at what they saw. Jesus was radiating a dazzling white light and was talking to Moses and Elijah. Peter wanted to make three shrines on the spot to capture the experience. But Moses and Elijah disappeared, and Jesus was on the move.

Christians of the Eastern churches believe that this transfiguration is something available to us. Those who live deeply in the spirit and walk in the ways of the Lord will be divinized – made God-like – and will share in Christ’s glory. It is indeed good for us to be here!

Lord, may I grow in trust.

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