5th Day within Christmas Octave : Friday 29th December 2023

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St Thomas Becket, bishop & martyr, pray for us

5th Day within Christmas Octave : Friday 29th December 2023

1 Jn. 2:3-11; Ps. 95:1-3, 5-6;
Lk. 2:22-35 (Ps. Wk. IV)

John was adamant: to believe in Jesus and to know Him is to walk as He walked, which means loving as He loved. Love is not an abstraction or an idea but a way of life. We only express love for God by loving our brothers and sisters. If we claim to walk in light and love but fail to love those around us, then we are living a lie. Our daily interactions with others and our attitudes towards them are a test and an indicator of the quality and depth of our faith and our love for God.

Love and faith sustained Simeon and led him to encounter the infant Jesus in the temple. He felt his life was complete – he could go in peace. God was in control! But there was a warning – Jesus embodied perfect love, which is threatening for many people, especially those who walk in darkness and are selfish. His presence would stir up much trouble; many would stumble and fall. Love has a way of laying bare what lies within people. In their encounters with Jesus, the true inner nature of many people would be revealed in both a positive and negative sense. How would you react to the presence of Jesus? Would perfect love be threatening to you? What would be revealed and laid bare? The answers to those questions lie in beginning this day to walk the path of love – it is the only path to God’s Kingdom.

Lord, may I always walk in light and love.

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