3rd Week of Advent (B) : Saturday 23rd December 2023

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St John of Kanty, priest

3rd Week of Advent (B) : Saturday 23rd December 2023

Mal. 3:1-4,23-24; Ps. 24:4-5,8-9,10,14;
Lk. 1:57-66 (Ps. Wk. III)

John the Baptist’s conception and birth are closely linked with Jesus. God has made John part of His revealed word in Scripture; now, John is a source of grace for us.

In the circumcision of the child, his mother, Elizabeth, insisted that their son be named “John”, not “Zechariah”, after his father, as the relatives wanted to have the child named.

His father, Zechariah, who has lost his ability to talk since he didn’t believe God’s Messenger about the child’s conception, now asks for a writing tablet. Then, on it, he writes: “His name is John!”

Zechariah’s speech recovers instantly and, filled with the Holy Spirit, praises God with songs.

The name “John” means “Yahweh’s gracious gift”. John is a gift from God to God’s people — he reveals God and points to God (John 1:36).

John, you are sent to prepare God’s people for a great gift, the gift of God’s Son. John,Yahweh’s Gracious Gift! I bless you that in your life, you prepared me for the gift of a closer relationship with Jesus. Amen.

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