St Joseph the Worker : Monday 1st May 2023

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St Joseph, Patron Saint of Workers, Pray for us

St Joseph the Worker : Monday 1st May 2023

Acts 11:1-18; Ps. 41:2-3; 42:3,4;
Jn. 10:11-18 (Ps Wk IV)

God has His own way of doing things and this usually does not fall with our way. God often shocks us, as Peter found out.

The Spirit fell on Cornelius – a Roman officer and enemy of Israel – and his entire household. They began to glorify God so Peter baptised them all. He wisely observed that if this was God’s decision, who was he to stand in God’s way?

Christians today need to learn this – we often put our own opinions and prejudices first and God’s Will second. We should not get in God’s way. Jesus proclaimed that He is the good shepherd and willing to lay down His life for the flock. Many others claimed to be shepherds, but they were just hired hands, in it for themselves. As soon as there was danger, they deserted the flock. Jesus would never do that – He is there for the flock always and ready to die for them.

Those who truly belong to Him will recognise His voice and follow, they will not follow a stranger’s voice. His voice is easy to recognise, it speaks of compassion, mercy, forgiveness, non-violence, and humble service. He will not lead us astray.

Lord, help me to recognize and follow Your voice.

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