1st Week in Ordinary Time (Year A) : Wednesday 10th January 2024

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Lord, help me to be attentive and hear Your voice

1st Week in Ordinary Time (Year A) : Wednesday 10th January 2024

1 Sam. 3:1-10.19-20; Ps. 39:2,5,7-10;
Mk. 1:29-39 (Ps. Wk. I)

God’s call to Samuel should be seen against the backdrop of  Israel’s indifference to the Lord at that time. Firstly, Eli was asleep and almost blind, depicting the lack of alertness and insight of the nation towards God’s Word. Secondly, the lamp in the sanctuary, which is the lamp of God, is almost “going out”, illustrating the unworthiness of the priests who were officiating there. Thirdly, instead of speaking through Eli,  God’s chosen mouthpiece, God gives the divine word directly to Samuel.

Three times, Samuel hears his name called and each time, he runs to Eli, thinking it was the old man who is calling him. Eli, sensing that it is God who is calling Samuel, asks the boy to respond.  The fourth call brings Samuel’s willing response, “Here, I am.” Samuel’s readiness to answer the call of God is in sharp contrast to the priests who are unwilling and unable to hear the voice of God.  As the newly chosen one of God, Samuel will replace the unfaithful house of Eli.

The Gospel passage narrates the miracles related to the healing of the sick and the deliverance of those possessed by demons. To the Jews, these miraculous deeds and the teaching of Jesus is a manifestation of God’s power in their midst.  To the early Christians reading the Word of God, it reveals the immediate and direct presence of the divine in Jesus.  By His words and works, Jesus, the Son of God, directly proclaims and demonstrates the presence of the reign of God.

Lord, may I not be so numb as to not hear Your voice.

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