8th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 1st June 2023

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St Justin, martyr, Pray for us

8th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 1st June 2023

Sir. 42:15-25; Ps. 32:2-9;
Mt. 10:46-52 (Ps. Wk. IV)

Many people of our time have lost the ability to wonder at God’s creation. Sirach had no such problem – he marveled at the intricacy and harmony of the universe and how God stood over it all. Science and faith are not enemies unless we choose to make them so. Genuine science should lead us to praise God’s beauty and majesty. Go for a walk. Look at flowers and trees. Observe the sunrise, sunset, and stars. And praise God.

Bartimaeus could not see any of those things, for he was blind. But he could hear, and heard many things about Jesus from snatches of conversation as people passed by. He was filled with hope. Finally, Jesus was passing by, and Bartimaeus knew it was his only chance. He began yelling and shouting for mercy and would not be silenced. Jesus called him over and asked him what he wanted. He respected his freedom. Bartimaeus wanted to see again, and it was granted. Now he, too, could contemplate God’s creation. Let us not give up on what we seek from the Lord.

Lord, open my eyes and mind to the wonders of Your creation.

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