8th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 29th May 2023

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Our Lady, Mother of the Church ... Pray for us

8th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 29th May 2023

Gen. 3:9-15,20 or Acts 1:12-14;
Ps. 86:1-3.5-7; Jn. 19:25-34 (Ps. Wk. IV)

The Garden of Eden story teaches us a lot about ourselves. We are curious and impatient and do not trust God as we ought. Adam and Eve lived in a state of happiness, joy, and peace – all they had to do was refrain from eating the fruit of one particular tree. But we desire most that which is forbidden, and it is unsurprising that both fell into the trap and disobeyed God. That was not all: when confronted by God, each tried to blame the other. How typical!

And now they felt shame and feared to look God in the face. They were aware of the self and believed it was separate from God. That has been our condition ever since – we desire God but are afraid and ashamed.

Mary’s trusting obedience to God and the obedience and fidelity of her Son Jesus began restoring the relationship we once had with God. Jesus established a mother-son bond between Mary and the Beloved disciple as He hung on the cross.

Mary would live on in the Church. But more than that! Mary lives on in our lives when we call upon her and her Son with open hearts. Jesus declared His mission finished – but ours is just beginning. Let us continue the work of turning minds and hearts to God!

Lord, may I always be obedient to Your will.

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