30th Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 31st October 2023

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Lord, help me to be a witness to your Message in my life?

30th Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 31st October 2023

Rom. 8:18-25; Ps. 125:1-2ab,2cd-3,4-5,6;
Lk. 13:18-21 (Ps. Wk. II)

Luke gives two brief parables of Jesus, which describe the Kingdom or the Reign of God in this world. They may be brief, but they are full of meaning. First, the Kingdom is like a mustard seed a man throws into his garden. It was a tiny thing, yet it grew into a sizeable tree, big enough for birds to nest in its branches. That seed was the message and vision of life that Jesus offered to the world. It had tiny beginnings and sometimes seemed it would not survive all the threats around it. But it did and grew into something huge. The message is clear – God’s Word cannot fail because it is based on Truth, Love, and the deepest longings of the human heart.

The second image is of a small amount of yeast which a woman mixed into a batch of dough. After some time, the yeast fermentation would cause the dough to increase significantly in size. It is another image of the Kingdom’s small beginnings growing into something huge. What is to be noticed about this parable is that the yeast only works when thoroughly mixed in with the dough. The Kingdom will only become a reality when we are thoroughly inserted into our societies. We must resist every temptation to live out the Christian life on the edge. How, where, and with whom do I witness the Message of Jesus in my life? Do I bury my talent in the ground or invest it in the people around me?

‘Lord, the heathens say: “What marvels the Lord worked for them!”

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