26th Week in Ordinary Time : Sunday 1st October 2023

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St Jerome, priest and doctor, pray for us

26th Week in Ordinary Time : Sunday 1st October 2023

Ez. 18:25-28; Ps. 24:4-9;
Phil. 2:1-11 (or 2:1-5);
Mt. 21:28-32 (Ps. Wk. II)

Many people blame everyone else for their troubles – even God! When their poor choices bring them difficulties, they claim God is unfair, but God is not to blame. God has prepared two paths – the way of life and the way of death. Each day we choose which one we will follow. Let us choose wisely. Jesus provided us with a pattern for holy, godly, and humane living – He demonstrated this through His own life. He emptied Himself, holding back nothing, and took on the lowliest level of living, and all for our sake. He was totally obedient to God, even to the cross, which was the source of His exaltation. Selfish ego enslaves us, while selfless love and service liberates us. In the parable of the two sons, the first one puts on a good face and tells his father what he wants to hear. He is utterly insincere and does not obey. The other son is petulant, rebellious, and refuses, but he does what his father asks. The point of the story: beautiful and honeyed words mean nothing unless they are acted on. We are judged not by what we promise but by what we do. Lip service means nothing. Let our words and actions be in perfect harmony.

Lord, may I always choose the path of life.

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