18th Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 9th August 2023

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St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, virgin & martyr, pray for us

18th Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 9th August 2023

Num 13:1-2,25 —14:1,26-29,34-35; Ps.105:6-7,13-14,21-23;
Mt. 15:21-28; (Ps. Wk. II)

The unnamed  Canaanite woman in today’s Gospel teaches us that with faith, trust, humility and fortitude, all things are possible with God.

She, a pagan and considered an idolator by the Jews, addresses Him as the “Son of David”, pleads with Him, “take pity on me”, and begs Him “help me”. The title she uses on Him reveals her faith and trust in Jesus and she recognises that He was not just an ordinary man but one with power and authority. The pleading and begging show how hopeless and desperate she felt and how much she loved her daughter to risk all for her. She knelt at His feet, a sign of humility, reverence, and a posture of surrender and submission. In doing so, she acknowledges that in her presence was someone worthy to sit on the throne of King David and wield power over evil spirits. Undeterred by His rebuff, she appealed to Him with even more zeal and urgency. Ultimately Jesus granted her request because of her great faith and resoluteness.

She informs us of three things concerning our faith. Firstly, we must respond to our daily encounters with grace, and change for the better. Secondly, we must cultivate a strong spirit and steadiness of will in performing our daily duties. Thirdly, we should adopt a humble disposition to do His will.

Lord…help me.” Grant me the faith to trust You with all my heart that Your will be accomplished in my life.

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