18th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 7th August 2023

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St Sixtus II, Pope & Companions and
St Cajetan, priest, pray for us

18th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 7th August 2023

Num. 11:4-15; Ps. 80:12-17;
Mt. 14:13-21 (Ps. Wk. II)

People live in the past, and in the future, and both seem far better than the present. God came to the rescue of the Israelites in their journey through the wilderness. When they were hungry, He gave them manna from heaven.

But they grew tired of it and began to weep and complain, driving poor Moses out of his mind. He even asked God to kill him so he wouldn’t have to put up with it anymore! Now, the people remembered Egypt fondly, conveniently forgetting that they were slaves and had cried bitterly to God for liberation. If only we could trust God more and find Him more in our present situation and be reasonably happy. The past is gone; the future isn’t here yet. All we have is the present, so let us embrace it.

God’s loving care was evident in the feeding of the 5,000. Jesus cared for the crowd and spent much time teaching and consoling them. When He asked His disciples to feed the people, they were at a loss. They had so little food, and there were so many people. Like the disciples, we often focus on the negative and what is lacking. Jesus challenged them to look deep into themselves. Trust in God, and compassion, are powerful forces; sure enough, there was more than enough to feed everyone. Let us always believe that God cares for us and has already granted our request – then act as if it were so. Miracles have not ceased – we need only open our hearts and minds.

Lord, deepen my trust in You.

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