16th Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 26th July 2023

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SS Joachim and Anne, parents of the BVM, pray for us

16th Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 26th July 2023

Ex. 16:1-18,35; (R.Ps.) 77:18-19,23-28
Mt. 13:1-9 (Ps. Wk. IV)

The Parable of the Sower teaches us what a farmer goes through to produce fruits from the seeds.

In analogy, this means we need to have confidence in the power of the seeds, which may appear fragile yet can produce fruitful crops. This reflects the nature of the Kingdom that Jesus proclaimed.

Birds, thorns and rocks were well-known enemies of the farmer and the seed. Yet the seeds which fell on good soil produced abundantly. This refers to the context of the growing hostility of the religious leaders and those of society towards Jesus.

An example is the Sower, who is not discouraged and trusts the seed will produce a harvest.

Likewise, we are not to be discouraged if our work does not have the effect of the Good News but always trust in God, Who brings all things to perfection. Our role is to sow the seed and allow God to see to the harvest. (1 Cor 3:6)

On this feast day of Saints, Anne and Joachim, we see how they entrusted all their lives to God alone. Interestingly, they were discouraged, or even miserable,  when they did not conceive a child. Yet beyond childbearing years and barren, Anna conceived her only daughter, Mary.

Let us be the seeds that fall on good soil so that our lives reveal the presence of God to those we have been entrusted to care for and share God’s, unconditional love with.

Saints Anne and Joachim, be with us on our journey on earth.

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