16th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 24th July 2023

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St Charbel Makhluf, priest, pray for us

16th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 24th July 2023

Ex. 14:5-18; (R.Ps.) Ex.15:1bc-2,3-4,5-6;
Mt. 12:38-42 (Ps. Wk. IV)

Pharoah was angry when he learned that the Israelites had fled. He and his army pursued them. When the Israelites realised that Pharoah’s army was behind them, they panicked and accused Moses of taking them to the wilderness to die. They lacked trust in God. God was faithful and told Moses to raise his staff and stretch out his hand over the sea, and the waters would part so that the Israelites could walk on dry land. How easy it is to blame God when we face difficult times! Let us trust in God, Who never leaves us.

Despite Jesus’ many miracles, the scribes and Pharisees wanted further signs. Jesus offered the sign of the prophet Jonah and used it to prophesy His own death and resurrection. Jesus also mentioned that the Queen of Sheba was better than them as she had come to hear the wisdom of Solomon, but they would not even listen to Jesus, Who was wiser than Solomon. Jesus was frustrated with the scribes and Pharisees as they did not realise Who was speaking with them.

Lord, help me to listen to You and to follow Your wise counsel.

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