14th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 14th July 2023

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St Camillus de Lellis, priest, pray for us

14th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 14th July 2023

Gen. 46:1-7,28-30; Ps. 37(36):3-4,18-19,27-28,39-40;
Mt. 10:16-23 (Ps. Wk. II)

To help us overcome our frustration and agony when witnessing the flourishing life of the wicked, the psalmist tells us to “trust in the Lord” (v.3), to “do good” (vv.3,27), “to find (our) delight in the Lord” (v 4); and to “turn away from evil” (v27).

Why? It is to re-direct our focus. Rather than focusing on the wicked and their prosperity, we need to focus on God, Who is holy, righteous, and just. By so doing, we will not sink into despair, disappointment, and or depression. It will help us not to seek revenge but surrender the wicked into God’s hands and imitate God to overcome evil with good.

What would be the result? We will be blessed by God (“live in the land and be secure” – v3); God will grant us our “heart’s desire” (v 4); God will “protect” us, and our “heritage will last forever” (v 18); we will “not be put to shame in evil days” and “in time of famine (our) food shall not fail” (v 19); and we “shall have a home forever” (v 27) and God will “never forsake” us (v 28); God will be our “salvation”, our “stronghold in time of distress” (v 39); and God will help, deliver, and save us, for God will be our refuge (v 40).

Today, let us ponder on the godly wisdom of Psalm (36) 37and wait upon God to find peace in our hearts and live with joy in the presence of God.

Lord, help us to remember that Your Word remains forever.

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