12th Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 28th June 2023

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St Irenaeus, bishop & martyr, Pray for us

12th Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 28th June 2023

Gen. 15:1-12,17-18; Ps. 104:1-4,6-9;
Mt. 7:15-20 (Ps. Wk. IV)

The ancient people took covenants and promises very seriously. There were long lists of the responsibilities of each party as well as the penalties – usually dreadful – for those who broke the covenant. Afterwards, everyone was sprinkled with blood from the sacrificed animal. God gave Abraham all of the lands in perpetuity and promised that his descendants would be more numerous than the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore.

After the covenant had been made, it was sealed in blood. This covenant is what kept Abraham going throughout his life through his many trials and struggles. It kept the Jewish people going for centuries, despite invasions by pagan powers and persecution – tragically – by Christians. And it ought to keep us going. God is not fickle; God can be trusted. He promised to be with us always, and He will.

When we stop believing that, our knees begin to buckle. How can we tell when some people, organisations, governments, or ideologies are lying? Often the answer is when their lips are moving. But Jesus gives us an excellent way to truth check: look and see what fruits the claims produce. Look for results. Who is benefiting? We should use this standard in evaluating all claims of truthfulness, inspiration, or anointing.

Lord, may I never doubt Your fidelity and presence.

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