12th Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 27th June 2023

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St Cyril of Alexandria, bishop & doctor, Pray for us

12th Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 27th June 2023

Gen. 13:2,5-18; Ps. 14:2-5;
Mt. 7:6,12-14 (Ps. Wk. IV)

The phrase “casting pearls before swine” seems inspired by today’s Gospel text as Jesus advises His disciples to not waste what is valuable on those who do not appreciate it. Especially if what is offered with good intentions may provoke a violent response. Jesus was referring to the hard-headed Pharisees and members of the religious authorities. They shut their minds and hearts to the Word of God. No matter how much Jesus tried to engage them in fruitful discourse, they always tried to do Him harm.

This convinced Jesus that one should not waste precious time on “dogs” and “pigs,” culturally regarded by Israelites as unclean, wild, and incorrigible creatures. At least, not when so many are hungry for the Word of God and appreciated Jesus for what He taught and did for them. Like God, who cared for Abraham and his descendants, Jesus’ mission is empowering all people of goodwill to be free of deep-seated prejudices. By treating others as one treats oneself, biases and chauvinism give way to equality, mutual respect, and justice for all.

What about us? Do we waste valuable resources, such as time and energy, fighting with people who are best left alone? Can we think about better uses for our gifts and talents? When people trade insults and barbed words with us, can we, like the Lord, not get caught in their trap?

Lord, help us choose the narrow gate of humility and walk the road that leads to eternal life.

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