12th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 26th June 2023

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Lord, help me to 'let go' and to committ all to You and trust in You.

12th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 26th June 2023

Gen. 12:1-9; Ps. 32:12-13,18-20,22;
Mt. 7:1-5 (Ps. Wk. IV)

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus told the disciples not to judge others. Those who condemn others are strongly warned in Mt.7:2. God will judge those who pass judgment on others.

The ‘measure for measure’ rule re-iterates the warning against passing judgment on others.

We are to avoid such hypocritical judgments but to practise fraternal correction.This is of utmost importance in bringing about community spirit or any community. This fraternal correction refers to the fact that no one is perfect, thus not to judge and condemn others.

The famous rabbi Hillel said, “Do not judge a man until you yourself have come into his/her circumstance or situation.”

Life will be much simple and harmonious if we practise fraternal correction and forgiveness.

In his old age, Abram received God’s call to leave his country and people and go to an unknown land. Yet with faith, he obeyed by following God.

We can imagine this, if God speaks to us in the midst of our busyness and tells us to move out of our comfort zone to do His will, how would we respond?

We pray for the grace to be able ‘to let go’ of our past glory and be humble to accept what lies ahead for us as disciples of Jesus.

Lord, grant us the grace not to be judgmental but to practise fraternal correction for this is witnessing to God’s unconditional love for all.”

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