12th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 30th June 2023

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First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church, Pray for us

12th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 30th June 2023

Gen. 17:1,9-10,15-22; Ps. 127:1-5;
Mt. 8:1-4 (Ps. Wk. IV)

God gave Abram a new name, Abraham, to signify their new relationship. Then God made a covenant with Abraham that he would be the ancestor of many nations. For his part in this covenant, Abraham was to ensure that all men would be circumcised. Jewish males are still circumcised today. God also declared that Sarah would have a son, Isaac, in her old age, and the covenant would be passed to Isaac. This covenant was to be everlasting as it was grounded in the will of God, not of humans.

The faith of the leper was outstanding. He knew that Jesus could heal his leprosy. He trusted Jesus totally and wasn’t afraid to ask for healing. On Jesus’ part, there was no fanfare, only the request that the man fulfils the Law’s requirements and show himself to the priest. There was a quiet acceptance of the miracle. Both Jesus and the leper knew it could happen. There was no need to share this good news because it was evident in the health of the man. We have good news – the abundant life in Christ. Let’s share this good news in the way we live.

Lord, help me to be a witness to the abundant life that Christ gives.

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