11th Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 20th June 2023

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St Romuald, abbot... Pray for us

11th Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 20th June 2023

2 Cor. 8:1-9; Ps. 145:2:5-9;
Mt. 5:43-48 (Ps. Wk. III)

As Paul visited various Churches, he took up a collection for the Church in Jerusalem, which was experiencing economic hardship. This collection was to show solidarity and unity among the Churches and bring financial relief. The Corinthian Church was reasonably well-off, and Paul encouraged them to be generous by mentioning the generosity of other Churches. Paul felt it was important for the Churches to be unified in sending relief to the Jerusalem Church. We show our commitment to God in the way we give to others.

Jesus was setting the bar higher for His followers. Not only were they told to love their neighbour, which was relatively easy, but they were to love their enemies and pray for them. As with many of Jesus’ teachings, this was revolutionary. ‘Love’ wasn’t a warm fuzzy feeling but an action word. Jesus expected His followers then, and He expects us now to demonstrate love and acceptance even to those who have wronged us. That is so difficult, and yet we can look at Saint Pope John Paul II, who forgave the man who shot him and then visited him in prison in an act of love.

Lord, help me to show love through my actions.

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