11th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 22nd June 2023

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Ss John Fisher, bishop & martyr,
Thomas More martyr;
... Pray for us

11th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 22nd June 2023

2 Cor. 11:1-11; Ps. 110:1-4,7-8;
Mt. 6:7-15 (Ps. Wk. III)

In the first reading, Paul admonishes the Christians in Corinth for being overly impressed by human credentials. The Corinthians welcomed and followed individuals whose preaching differed from Paul’s. In fact, these individuals considered themselves superior to Paul as apostles and ministers of Christ. The Corinthians had been taken up with these preachers, whom Paul called “false prophets”.

Since it was human credentials that the Corinthians were looking for, Paul challenged them to review his own credentials. He reminds them about the sufferings he had endured, sufferings which gave him the right to speak. He also makes clear the nature of his calling from God. However, Paul insists that boast is not based on ignorance or concerned primarily with human achievements. Paul makes it known that his boast is in the Lord. It is a boast based on the labours and afflictions he had endured in serving the Lord.

In the Gospel, Jesus reminds us not to be too concerned or taken up with those who pray with many words. If we are not cautious, prayer too can become a purely human endeavour. After all, babbling plenty of words may not constitute prayer. Instead, Jesus teaches us to pray in a way that appeals directly to the heart of God.

Our Father in Heaven, may Your kingdom come into our midst, and Your name be held holy at all times!

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