11th Week in Ordinary Time : Sunday 18th June 2023

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Lord, thank You for loving me

11th Week in Ordinary Time : Sunday 18th June 2023

Ex. 19:2-6; Ps. 99:2-3,5;
Rom. 5:6-11; Mt. 9:36 – 10:8 (Ps. Wk. III)

In the first reading, we hear Moses proclaiming a solemn and powerful message to the people of Israel. Israel is asked to listen and act upon Yahweh’s word, learn from God’s mighty deeds against the Egyptians about His nature, and be responsible and obey His word.

At the same time, the proclamation has a message of consolation, a reminder of Yahweh’s closeness and intimacy with Israel. Yahweh wants to bring the people not only to the Promised Land but also to Himself. Although Israel is unworthy of God’s love, by virtue of the covenant, Israel is Yahweh’s own people. It means the people are also called to holiness because Yahweh Himself is holy.

God loves His people, although they are unworthy, is a sentiment also expressed by Paul in the letter to the Romans. He recognises that “Jesus died for us when we were still sinners.” As difficult to believe or accept as it might be, the proof that God loves us is demonstrated by the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. Also, God has placed the Holy Spirit in our hearts to guide us.

God’s love for His people is further highlighted in that He is the ultimate Shepherd and Harvest Master. He cares for His people, who are like sheep without a shepherd and like a harvest that needs workers to bring in the crops. Just as God loves His people, the disciples of Jesus are also to share in His power and suffering. As discipleship is offered to them as a free gift, so in return, they are to offer it freely to others.

Lord, thank You for loving me/us.

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