3rd Week of Lent : Monday 13th March 2023

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Lord, lead me to what You want more of me ...

3rd Week of Lent : Monday 13th March 2023

2 Kgs. 5:1-15; Ps. 41:2-3; 42:3-4;
Lk. 4:24-30 (Ps. Wk. III)

Lent calls us to repentance and renewal. Many are praying more, fasting often and giving alms intentionally. We do these hoping to be healed of sinful habits and choices. Today’s readings remind us that God alone heals. This is the proper perspective for Lenten conversion.

We want God’s healing for one or more areas in our lives. Naaman sought to heal for his skin disease. God sent Elisha to heal Naaman but he stubbornly wanted healing on his own terms. Jesus’ neighbours had a similar attitude; their close-mindedness blinded them from recognising Jesus as God’s prophet sent to heal and save.

Sometimes we are like Naaman and Jesus’s neighbours. When stubborn and want things our way, we become blind to God’s presence. When we are close- minded to change, we harden our hearts to God’s healing through the people He sends us.

Wise are we then to examine our Lenten efforts. First, our sincerity for renewal and the honesty of our efforts for repentance and conversion. Second, our openness to God’s healing us. We can learn from Naaman who listened to his servants. They helped him recognise that Elisha’s words were God’s words to cure him. We should do likewise and listen to those God sends to us as we seek to heal this Lent. God will work through them for our Lenten renewal. Let us ask God to show us the healing He desires for us:

“O Lord, what more do You want to give me?”

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