1st Week of Lent (A) : Tuesday 28th February 2023

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God is faithful - sit and pray quietly alone with Him

1st Week of Lent (A) : Tuesday 28th February 2023

Is. 55:10-11; Ps. 33:4-7,16-19;
Mt. 6:7-15 (Ps. Wk. I)

The prophet encouraged the people to follow the Lord God. He contrasted the faithfulness of the Lord with the ways of the Israelites. This passage emphasises the permanence of the Lord’s word.

The prophet’s message was that God was faithful and trustworthy. God’s word would accomplish God’s purpose and succeed in doing what God wanted. The people could trust God.

Jesus told the disciples to beware of showing off their piety. He provided some examples – giving alms discretely rather than ostentatiously and praying quietly alone with the Father without using fancy words. Jesus shared a model of prayer with the disciples, which we call the Lord’s Prayer. The Lord’s Prayer stresses that God is our Father. God’s kingdom will come here on earth if people follow God’s will. We are dependent on God for everything, and God will provide. We are sinful, but God will forgive us; however, we must also be willing to forgive others. Jesus said to ask God to keep us from evil. In a concise prayer, Jesus covered all our needs and relationship with God. God is faithful.


Lord, help me to be humble and faithful.

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