1st Week of Lent (A) : Friday 3rd March 2023

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Lord, give me the grace to forgive others & see and admit my faults

1st Week of Lent (A) : Friday 3rd March 2023

Ez. 18:21-28; Ps. 129:1-5,7-8;
Mt. 5:20-26 (Ps. Wk. I)

Jesus appreciates depth. In His words of advice to His disciples today, He counsels that the commandment not to kill goes deeper than just killing the body; it can also mean killing a person’s soul. Damage to one’s soul is deeper than damage to one’s body. The very fact that one is angry with one’s brother or sister, or even to the point of calling another “fool” or “renegade,” is enough to have “killed” that person.

But when one has defamed another by killing the soul, there is an opportunity for reconciliation. Jesus says, “leave your offering before the altar; go and be reconciled with your brother/sister first.” We can always be the bigger person, be humble, and say sorry.

In the same way, in the first reading, Ezekiel also highlights that all the sins a wicked person has committed will be forgotten from the moment of repentance, and thus he/she shall live because of the integrity he/she has practised. Once a person has chosen to renounce all his/her previous sins, he/she shall certainly live; he/she shall not die.

Repentance has depth, even though it seems simple on the surface. To say sorry to someone sounds easy, but it is challenging to carry out. We can pray for God’s strength to help us forgive others or admit our wrongs. The grace of repentance can lead to meaningful reconciliation so that the soul, body, and well-being of persons can be restored.

Jesus, our depth and our peace help us in our reconciliation.

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