5th Week of Easter (A) : Thursday 11th May 2023

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Lord, help me remained connected and faithful to You especially when I encounter temptations and obstacles in life

5th Week of Easter (A) : Thursday 11th May 2023

Acts 15:7-21; Ps. 95:1-3,10;
Jn. 15:9-11 (Ps. Wk. I)

St. James’ address to the Apostles and elders: “I rule that we do not make things difficult for pagans who turn to God”, resonates deeply with his listeners. It culminated in a long spiritual conversation of humble listening and respectful speaking. This was the First Council of Jerusalem. They recognised that God was greater than their confined understanding. Today, they show us the synodal path we ought to relearn.

Perhaps the process of synodality has its roots in the Gospel we read today. Jesus says: “As the Father loves me, so I also love you” (15:9). The love of the Father for the Son is perfect in every way. In receiving the Father’s love, Jesus receives all He needs. It cannot be kept to Himself. Jesus pours this overflowing love onto us and is now given to us that we cannot contain within us. It must overflow from our hearts to others. If we can understand and experience this, the path of synodality is made easier. Our active listening to the Holy Spirit working within us, among us and in the world ought to make us discerning persons in the community in a prophetic way.

Jesus reveals the importance of remaining in His love. His relationship with His Father is palpable. Throughout His life and ministry, He remained connected and faithful to His Father despite every temptation and obstacle thrown at Him. He experienced great joy and fulfilment in the end. He says: “I have told you this so that My own joy may be in you and your joy be complete” (Jn 15:11). Our hope is in complete joy as we embark on the road of synodality.

Praise be the Lord Always!

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