5th Sunday of Easter (A) : 7th May 2023

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Lord, help me to strive to make You known and announce to others Your goodness

5th Sunday of Easter (A) : 7th May 2023

Acts 6:1-7; Ps. 32:1-2,4-5,18-19;
1 Pt. 2:4-9; Jn. 14:1-12 (Ps. Wk. I)

In the past, stone was essential in building a house meant to stand up to the elements. Christ Himself was rejected as the cornerstone of the temple He wished to erect. Yet, He is still the foundation of our faith. The stones of the temple of Jerusalem, magnificent though  the temple was, would give way to the destruction of war, and the building would collapse. Christ ensured that the rock He chose for His Church would withstand all attacks until the end of time.

In his letter to the early Christians, Peter continues the image of stone regarding the people of God. They are like stones brought together to form the unity of a structure that will survive all storms. Each stone is chosen by God to fulfil a purpose in God’s plan for your life?

We have the privilege of offering the sacrifices, pleasing to the Father because we offer the Son Himself – which the priests of old were unable to do. Do we not wish that all would join us in thanking the Lord for this privilege that enhances the realisation of God’s purpose in our lives? As we have been brought in from the darkness of unbelief, the light of Christ has shone on us.

Lord, grant that we may strive to make You known. May we announce to others Your goodness to us.

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