4th Sunday of Easter (A) : 30th April 2023

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St Catherine of Siena, virgin & doctor

4th Sunday of Easter (A) : 30th April 2023

Acts 2:36-41; Ps. 22:1-3a,3b-4,5,6; 1 Pt. 2:20-25;
Jn. 10:1-10 (Ps. Wk. IV)

Those listening to Peter were cut to the heart. He had just informed them that they had killed the author of life and God’s emissary. They asked the obvious question: what can we do?

Peter’s answer was reassuring. It’s never too late – he urged them to repent, be baptised, and separate themselves from that corrupt generation. It is never too late for us to turn our lives around and have a profound change of mind and heart.

Jesus referred to himself as the good shepherd, for he had come to care for the flock to the point of laying down his life. He contrasted himself with those hired shepherds who thought only of themselves and did not protect the sheep. Just as the sheep recognise the voice of their own shepherd, those who belong to Jesus will listen to his voice and respond.

What does this voice sound like? It is a language and speech of the heart. They will know when the truth is spoken and will follow. He had come to give life to those responding to his voice and to give it abundantly. This life is nothing less than the personal experience of the living God.

Lord, grant me abundant life.

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