4th Week of Easter (A) : Friday 5th May 2023

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Lord, illuminate the path before me

4th Week of Easter (A) : Friday 5th May 2023

Acts 13:26-33; Ps. 2:6-7,8-9,10-11;
Jn. 14:1-6 (Ps. Wk. IV)

Paul and Barnabas were fighting an uphill battle when they proclaimed the Good News. While they were in the synagogue, they gave a rapid summary of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus – and why it mattered. God had fulfilled His promises to Israel, and the resurrection of Jesus would result in our own. It would be helpful for us to reflect on the resurrection of Jesus and what it means for us personally. How would we respond if someone asked us why this proclamation is good news?

When Jesus proclaimed that He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life, He did not mean that He was a heavenly gatekeeper ready to kick out anyone without the correct membership cards.

Jesus is the Way – the path – to God. Those who follow this spiritual path of compassion, justice, and humble service will reach the Father. Jesus is the divine pattern. He is also ‘the truth’ – that is, He reveals the nature of God in human form, and that nature is light and love. And He is the life, for He grants enlightenment and peace to all who trod His path. Jesus came to illuminate the way to the Father not to exclude people.

Lord, illuminate the path before me.

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