2nd Week of Easter : Tuesday 18th April 2023

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Lord, help me listen to You daily

2nd Week of Easter : Tuesday 18th April 2023

Acts 4:32-37; Ps. 92:1-2,5;
Jn. 3:7-15 (Ps. Wk. II)

Nicodemus, a well-known Jewish leader and a teacher of Israel, is portrayed as one who, although attracted to Jesus and the signs performed by Jesus, had not yet found the true faith. This is symbolised by the fact that he approaches Jesus late at night, showing that he does not wish to be seen by other Jews. In the dialogue, Jesus emphasises to Nicodemus that entrance into the Kingdom requires that one is born of the Spirit from “above” – the Holy Spirit.

The dialogue becomes a monologue as Jesus addresses Nicodemus and all those searching for true faith in God. Faith is founded on the person of Jesus Christ, God’s perfect revealer. No human being can know and reveal the “heavenly things” except the perfect revealer from God. Those to whom the “heavenly things” have been revealed can live, as seen in the passage from the first reading. The believers in the early Church were united in mind and heart and expressed their care for one another by placing their possessions at the Apostles’ disposal.

Like Nicodemus, many of us may assume we know true faith. However, unless we spend “quality” time with Jesus and listen to Him closely, we may not be aware of the “heavenly things” that Jesus wishes to reveal to us. Jesus is constantly revealing Himself to us. May we be attentive and listen to Him as He speaks to us.

Lord, help me listen to You daily.

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