Friday within Easter Octave : 14th April 2023

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Lord, help me to live by Your will always

Friday within Easter Octave : 14th April 2023

Acts 4:1-12; Ps. 117:1-2,4,22-27;
Jn. 21:1-14

In the first reading, we observe the contrasting manner in which the ordinary people responded to the preaching of Peter, as opposed to the rulers, elders, scribes and priests. Many people, including 5,000 men, heard the Word and believed it.

The rich, the learned, and the powerful were “greatly disturbed”; they responded by arresting and placing the Apostles in prison.

At the ensuing trial, Peter, empowered by the Holy Spirit, preached that humanity would be saved only through the Name of Jesus. No other name or power can save us. Neither can any amount of wealth, possessions or titles. Only our belief in Him and our faithfulness to His Word will.

In the Gospel, when His disciples were fascinated by the splendour and immensity of the temple in Jerusalem, Jesus told them that what we think in human terms as being great and mighty will become nothing one day. Riches, power and titles will not protect us when the Risen Lord returns.

Jesus praised the poor widow because she gave all she had to God. At the end of time, when Jesus returns, what will He praise us for? Like the rich in the Gospel, gave plenty of money to the Church. That we, like King Herod, constructed a magnificent building or carried out church projects and plans? NO! What do you think Jesus will praise you for?

Lord, help me to believe in You and be faithful to Your Word. Enable me to live by Your will always.

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