2nd Week of Advent (A) : Sunday 4th December 2022

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Lord, help me to have a change of mind and heart towards You

2nd Week of Advent (A) : Sunday 4th December 2022

Is 1
1:1-10; Ps. 71:1-2,7-8,12-13,17;
Rom 15:4-9; Mt 3:1-12 (Ps. Wk. II)

Isaiah expressed the yearning of all human hearts – a peaceful and fruitful world governed with wisdom, justice, and compassion. Humans would no longer be at war with one another and with nature.

The world would be a place of harmony, peace, and abundance. Isaiah prophesied that one individual would bring this about – the Messiah of God, born from the lineage of David. This hope sustained the people for many years, and Christians profess that Jesus was the one promised in the prophecy.

We should not lose heart at the darkness of our world – the Light of Christ will continue to shine in the darkness, and we can be part of it.

John the Baptist prophesied the coming of this Messiah, and he saw it as a frightening time of cleansing. He urged people to change their hearts and minds and be in harmony with God. This was the only way that they would be able to receive the fire of the Holy Spirit that would soon be given.

We live in a dark and challenging age today, and it is important that we turn towards the Lord as individuals and as a people. As always, God is there to help. The paradise described by Isaiah is to be found deep in our hearts.

Lord, may I have a change of mind and heart.

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