Saturday after Epiphany : 11th January 2020

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Lord, help me to spend 'Quiet Time' with you

Saturday after Epiphany : 11th January 2020

1 Jn. 5:14-21; Ps. 149(148):1-6,9;
Jn. 3:22-30

In the Gospel reading, a man is presented to us.  He is “covered with leprosy.” He is not sure whether Jesus wants to heal him or not, so he tentatively asks Him, “If you want to, you can cure me”(v12). He seems to know that Jesus can cure him.

Sometimes, we may approach God the same way.  We know God can answer our request/s — our way or God’s own way. Yet we are not sure whether God would be willing or not. Like the leper, we do not need to be sure of everything before we ask God. Ask God, and leave our request/s with God.

The leper got more than he asked for.  In response to his request, Jesus touched him. Lepers are shunned by society and considered “unclean”, yet Jesus touched him. And then Jesus spoke encouragingly to him, “Of course I want to!” With just two words “Be cured!” (v 13) – the leprosy left the man at once.

If today, you could cure a person with just two words, you would become most famous. You would be followed on every social media that’s available globally.  Would you like this type of fame? It could be most burdensome. And probably that was what was experienced by Jesus – “large crowds would gather to hear Him and to have their sickeness cured,” (v15). What did Jesus do? “He would always go off to some place where He could be alone and pray” (v16). This is the secret of Jesus’ compassion and power – always being with God in prayer.

Lord, let me be brave enough to come to You for anything.  Help me to pray to You, always.

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