3rd Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 26th January 2021

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Sts Timothy & Titus

3rd Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 26th January 2021

2 Tim. 1:1-8 or Tit. 1:1-5;
Ps. 95:1-3,7-8,10; Lk. 10:1-9 (Ps Wk III)

The day after the feast of Saint Paul’s Conversion, the Church celebrates his two chief disciples, Saints Timothy and Titus. By coincidence, the first readings (either from 2 Timothy or Titus) and the Gospel passage refer to family.

In the first readings, Saint Paul calls Timothy his “dear child” and Titus his “true child in our common faith.”

In the gospel, Jesus says his true family — his brother and sister and mother — are those who do the will of God.

So, let’s think about the symbol of family and how we live family in the church.

Catholic and Protestant churches often use familial titles: especially brother, sister, father and mother. That custom comes straight from the Bible, and it’s very dear to our hearts. It demonstrates our real affection for one another, and the trust and confidence we should have. Addressing one another with familial words helps us to experience our oneness in the Body of Christ.

On this feast of Saints Timothy and Titus, we pray that our Church will welcome everyone with the affection of brothers and sisters.

Give the Lord, you families of peoples, give the Lord glory and power. Bless the Lord and give glory to his name.  

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