34th Week in Ordinary Time (B) : Thursday 25th November 2021

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St Catharine of Alexandria, virgin & martyr

34th Week in Ordinary Time (B) : Thursday 25th November 2021

Dan. 6:12-28; (R. Ps.) Dan. 3:68,69,70,71,
72,73,74; Lk. 21:20-28 (Ps. Wk. II)

The passage in Daniel is a story involving King Darius, Daniel and the officers of the court. Even though Daniel is aware that anyone who petitions a god or a person will be cast into a den of lions, he continues his customary prayer practices. The jealous officials catch Daniel and hand him over to King Darius for punishment. The story describes how God closed the mouth of the lions so that they could not hurt Daniel. Later, the king releases Daniel and sends an edict throughout his kingdom, testifying to the power and sovereignty of the living God of Daniel.

To the Israelites, the destruction of the Temple was connected with the end of the world. Jesus, in his teachings, links the signs of the end of the world to the holy city of Jerusalem. He indicates that apocalyptic plagues and signs in heaven will accompany the end of the world. The people in the hills and villages are warned not to flee to the city where destruction will happen. The Son of Man, to whom judgement and authority have been given, will come in God’s glory.

The message in the readings today is clear. God is in control of every situation. We have to trust that everything, even the destruction of the world, will work out according to His plan. God’s plans may be a reason for God’s enemies to panic, but like Daniel, Christians should stand erect, expectant and ready for God’s deliverance. Fear not. God will deliver His people!

Lord, everything is in Your hands.

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