32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) : 8th November 2020

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Lord, help those who are lost... to return back to you

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) : 8th November 2020

Wis. 6:12-16; Ps. 62:2-4,5-6,7-8;
1 Thess. 4:13-18 (or 13-14);
Mt. 25:1-13 (Ps Wk IV)

If we use what the New Testament says about Jesus as a key to understanding the deepest meaning of the Old Testament, the reading from the Book of wisdom today will lead us to understand further aspects of the doctrine of Jesus as the incarnate Word of God.

In our regard, the word of God addresses us as many different things: commandments, promises, revelations, guidance. All of these different functions of the word of God can be subsumed, under the notion of God’s creative and providential wisdom.

In its document on Revelation, The Second Vatican Council speaks of creation as an act of divine wisdom. Therefore, we may think of all the consequences of the creation, such as providence, the Incarnation of Jesus, our sanctification through the Holy Spirit, the love of God poured into our hearts [Rom 5:5] as further manifestations of the divine wisdom.

The passage from the Book of wisdom informs us that Wisdom “makes her own rounds, seeking those worthy of her”: In the fullness of divine providence, it is Jesus who seeks those who are lost. The whole of Jesus’ life on earth can be described as a search for all of us who are lost, (Lk 19: 10) and so make us worthy of him by saving us.

Lord Jesus, as God’s wisdom, guide us to an ever-deeper relationship with You and with our Father in Heaven.

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