27th Week in Ordinary Time (B) : Wednesday 6th October 2021

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St Bruno, priest

27th Week in Ordinary Time (B) : Wednesday 6th October 2021

Jona 4:1-11; Ps. 85:3-4,5-6,9-10;
Lk. 11:1-4 (Ps Wk III)

Paul’s letter was written to support the founder of the Church at Colossae in dealing with some problems that had arisen in that new Church. Paul had not visited the Church at the time of writing and probably never visited it. He found it necessary to introduce himself to the Colossians and show them that he had something valuable to say.  He did so by detailing his apostolic work and how it led him along the path of suffering that Christ had trod. The necessity to ‘prove himself’ gives us an insight into the loneliness and anxiety that even a fervent apostle can face as he or she enters new situations and faces a new audience.

In the Gospel, the master shows that he does not ask his disciples to go where he has not been. It must have been painful for Jesus to be faced with suspicion, hostility and even hatred as he endeavoured to bring healing to the handicapped in his programme of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

At the beginning of his missionary life, Paul had to go through a searing experience of his unworthiness on the road to Damascus and later in a desert place; Jesus, too, spent time in the desert preparing Himself for the work ahead of Him.

There has to be an element of withdrawal, isolation and aloneness (not loneliness) in our lives if we are to purify ourselves and learn what is of real value.

Lord, lead me through the darkness to Your light.

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