4th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 6th February 2020

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Ss Paul Miki & Comps. Martyrs

4th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 6th February 2020

1 Kgs. 2:1-4,10-12; (R. Ps) 1 Chr. 29:10,11,12;
Mk. 6:7-13 (Ps Wk IV)

In sending out his Apostles to preach the Gospel, Jesus did not give them a detailed picture of what to expect or detailed instructions on how to deal with every possible situation that might arise.

But, he gave them some fundamental instructions, especially the direction to travel as poorly as possible. Along with this vocation to poverty, however, he also gave them power over unclean spirits.

Healing, including liberation from unclean spirits, was a significant part of Jesus own ministry. This gift of power over unclean spirits, then, was a sign that everything they were to do was to be part of his mission.

Involvement in that mission inevitably entailed an experience of poverty, for Jesus’ first work was to empty himself and come amongst us as a human being, born in poverty.

Though Mark does not say it explicitly, they were to proclaim the Kingdom of God. They were not, however, to try to force anyone to believe, they were to move on though somehow disassociating themselves from those who would not receive them.

Lord Jesus, in Your Church,You have given us many gifts through the communion of saints, faith, hope, love, prayer, wisdom and courage. Grant that we will always use Your gifts for the work of Your Kingdom and the good of Your people. Amen

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