2nd Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 24th January 2020

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St Francis de Sales

2nd Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 24th January 2020

1 Sam. 24:3-21; Ps. 57(56):2,3-4,6,11;
Mk. 3:13-19 (Ps Wk II)

David had been like a son to Saul, but Saul had grown jealous of David and wanted to harm him. Yet when David found Saul sleeping, he only cut off a piece of Saul’s cloak to show Saul that he had nothing to fear from him. David’s men encouraged him to kill Saul, but David would not destroy ‘the Lord’s anointed.’ Instead, he waited until Saul woke up and let him know that although he had the opportunity, he had not taken advantage of it. Saul admitted that David was more righteous than he and recognized that David would follow him as king. What a contrast between Saul and David! Saul had allowed power to destroy his integrity and his very self.

Jesus chose his disciples. They were not perfect men, yet they were the men that Jesus wanted. Remember Pope Francis’ response to the reporter who asked him who he was? He replied that he was a sinner. The disciples were also sinners — ordinary men from many different walks of life. They were sinners, but they were chosen. Each of us is the same as the disciples. We are not perfect; we are sinners, but each person is loved by God, and God has a special purpose for each person. Then, let us not stray from the path that God has set before us.

 Lord, keep me close to You and help me to share our love.

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