22nd Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 2nd September 2020

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Lord, be the main focus of my life

22nd Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 2nd September 2020

1 Cor. 3:1-9; Ps. 32:12-13,14-15,20-21;
Lk. 4:38-44 (Ps Wk II)

In the gospel passage, a typical day in the life of Jesus is presented. Having just demonstrated his authority over the demon at the local synagogue, Jesus goes to Simon Peter’s house where he heals Simon’s mother-in-law. Later, he heals the sick and delivers others from demonic spirits. The people of Capernaum who were amazed by his divine authority and power, try to keep Jesus in their midst. But Jesus refuses to be tied down to one group or one place — he has been sent to all the people.

It was unfortunate, therefore, that there had appeared in the Christian community in Corinth, factions which seem to claim superiority of one minister over another or of one group over the other. Paul informs them that this kind of thinking shows that the Corinthians are still immature in their spiritual growth. Although they are in Christ, they have not yet been able to absorb anything beyond food appropriate for infants. Their behaviour shows that they have not been able to understand the wisdom of the cross.

Paul emphasises that all are servants of the one Lord, fulfilling the roles assigned to them to nurture the community. God does not need human help but has chosen ministers according to his divine purpose. God’s purpose will not be frustrated. Using the imagery of farming, Paul stresses that the unity and cooperation that must characterise the task and common goals of the ministers of the community. Since all work towards a common end, there is no room for competing one against another.

Lord, may You be the main focus of my life.

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