17th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 30th July 2021

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St Peter Chrysologus, bishop and doctor

17th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 30th July 2021

Lev. 23:1,4-11,15-16,27,34-37;
Ps. 80:3-4,5-6,10-11; Mt. 13:54-58 (Ps Wk I)

Festivals were significant events throughout Israel’s history. They helped to give structure to the year and the cycles of the seasons. But most importantly, they called to mind God’s blessings and kindness shown to Israel. In our own time, most festivals are secular and commercial in nature. We have to make a special effort to do things like observe the sabbath, but the reward is great. It will deepen our sense of gratitude to God and teach us to be more spiritually aware.

The people in Nazareth were upset at the words and actions of Jesus. They knew him and knew his family, and they could not believe that such wisdom and power could come from one of their own. They thought his claims were outrageous. Often, we find it difficult to see God at work through those we know — we are too familiar with them and their history. Unbelief can turn aside the power of God, for Jesus was not able to work many miracles in Nazareth because of their unbelief. It is important that we accept the presence of God in whatever manner it comes, even through someone we might know all too well. God uses us all as his instruments.

Lord, may I see Your presence in all whom I meet.

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