15th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 16th July 2021

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel

15th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 16th July 2021

Ex. 11:10-12,14; Ps. 115:12-13,15,16,17-18;
Mt. 12:1-8 (Ps Wk III)

The value system of the Pharisees is strongly contrasted against the spirit of the Law as taught by Jesus. Jesus firmly reiterates that there is no law (Sabbath law, temple law, sacrificial law) against basic human needs such as hunger. He emphatically states once again (earlier as in Mt.9:13) the superiority of mercy and love over sacrifice.

As Jesus is greater than the Sabbath, — the temple, — He has the authority to interpret the Mosaic Law of Sabbath legislation. Matthew’s community which had come under pressure from Pharisaic Judaism found a ready answer for those who had accused them of neglecting the Sabbath observances.

The danger of misunderstanding people, judging and condemning them in the name of laws both sacred and secular, is always real. Those who are unable to fulfil legal requirements are easily isolated and marginalised, while the dominant cultural and legal systems invariably serve the interests of the ‘haves’.

In Jesus’ value system, the central place is taken not only by human concern, understood in general terms, but a deliberate option for the poor. From this perspective, all our morality and social behaviour have to be revised and re-interpreted.

Lord, make our hearts like unto Yours.

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