12th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 25th June 2020

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Lord, help me to do Our Father's Will

12th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 25th June 2020

2 Kgs. 24:8-17; Ps. 79(78):1-2,3-5,8,9; Mt. 7:21-29 (Ps Wk IV)

Sinfulness finds its most pervasive expression in the dichotomy between saying and doing: we profess to be Christians, we affirm our Faith and our love of God, but there are times when our actions are not consonant with what we profess.

Jesus expresses this doctrine in the words which being today’s Gospel reading. Salvation, entry into the Kingdom  of God, is not a matter of being able to cry out “Lord, Lord” in Faith or hope. Entry into the Kingdom is a matter of doing ‘the will of God’.

Jesus goes on to imply that it is not every kind of activity, even religious activity such as prophesying or working miracles, which manifests or guarantees a proper relationship  with him. External actions may be fine, but more is required, namely that interior relation- ship with Jesus, which will earn his acknowledgement: “I know you.”

The crowds were amazed at Jesus’ teaching. Amazement, however, is not an adequate response to his teaching. What is required is a deep integration of words and actions, of Faith and love. “Faith that is operative through love is what truly matters” (cf. Gal 5:6).

Lord Jesus, grant us the grace to live our lives in such a way that You will acknowledge and accept us as indeed Your disciples, who have loved in word and reality.


Special Prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus


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