12th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 22nd June 2020

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Ss John Fisher, bishop & Thomas More, martyrs

12th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 22nd June 2020

2 Kgs. 17:5-8,13-15,18; Ps. 60(59):3,4-5,
12-13; Mt. 7:1-5 (Ps Wk IV)

The first reading of today describes how the nation of Israel was invaded by the government of Assyria as punishment by God for failing to keep the commandments.

The Israelites were especially guilty of worshipping other gods and not being faithful to the covenant. God had warned the people again and again through the prophets, but they did not listen. God had given them many opportunities to turn back to Him, but they did not repent.

When reflecting on this reading, we can quickly think how sinful the people of Israel were, and that, God’s punishment on them was justified.

However, let us take heed of the warning in the Gospel that Jesus gave his disciples two thousand years ago because it is a warning for his disciples today too. May we be not fooled into assuming that we are better or holier than the Israelites of the Old Testament.

Yes, it would be convenient for us to judge them from where we are today. It would be easy for us to think that because we go to church, receive the sacraments, take time to pray and read the Bible, we are less sinful than them.

We are reminded by Jesus today that instead of judging others, it would be better for us to first look at our own lives. Perhaps, we too may be failing to keep the commandments of God and being disobedient to the covenant. Let us not be ‘hypocrites’ in God’s eyes.

Lord, help me to be obedient to You.


Special Prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus


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