26th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) : Wednesday 28th September 2022

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SS Lawrence Ruiz & Comps. martyrs

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) : Wednesday 28th September 2022

Job. 9: 1-12,14-16; Ps. 87:10bc-11,12-13, 14-15;
Lk. 9:57-62 (Ps Wk II)

God’s immense authority and power portrayed in Job’s understanding of his creator are tinged with a sense of man’s helplessness and dependence.

This authority is again reflected in Jesus’ invitation to follow Him. He expects a clear and unconditional response. Our Lord entertains nothing less than total surrender and commitment. We just have to say “Yes” to Him, for when the Kingdom of God is placed first in our lives, everything else is taken care of.

When we are in two minds about our commitment to Jesus, it becomes difficult to be enthusiastic about His cause. We either have a commitment or get swallowed up in a highly competitive era. Jesus has no second thoughts about schizophrenic Christians. He is willing to tolerate imperfection and failures, but a lack of commitment is already a halfway rejection.

Invested with passion for Jesus’ cause, the Apostles took up their positions to spread the Good News. The conversion of Paul brought the opportunity of salvation to the Gentiles. So, the list grows with the names of committed and impassioned men and women like St Francis Xavier, St Theresa of Kolkata and the founders of the various religious congregations and missionaries who brought us the Good News.

In our personal circles, is our enthusiasm enough for the cause of salvation?

Holy Spirit, empower Your people, strengthen us in our commitment to Jesus.

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