21st Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 25th August 2022

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St Joseph Calasanz, priest

21st Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 25th August 2022

1 Cor. 1:1-9; Ps. 144:2-3,4-5,6-7;
Mt. 24:42-51 (Ps Wk I)

Today’s Gospel is clear and challenging: be ready for the end of all things, the second coming of Christ.

Jesus describes two servants. One servant is hard-working, responsible, wise, faithful and cares for others. When the master returns, he is ready.

The other servant sees that the master has not returned and immediately becomes lazy. Instead of fulfilling his duties, he begins to sin and do what is immoral. He is unpleasantly surprised when the master returns.

As the Gospel of Matthew was being written (approx. 80-90AD), some Christians faced a temptation. Since the second coming of Christ did not happen immediately after the Resurrection, maybe Christ would not come again after all. It was tempting to abandon Gospel values and live by the more convenient values of the world. Yet Jesus emboldens us today to be strong.

The Christians in the bustling city of Corinth also faced many temptations. In the first reading, Paul encourages them to be firm in their faith and blameless while they wait for Christ’s return.

What values of the world tempt me the most? What helps me to be faithful to Jesus? We can talk honestly with Jesus about both questions.

Lord, help me be wise and use this time on earth well. Help me to be faithful to You.

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