19th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 11th August 2022

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St Clare, virgin

19th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 11th August 2022

Ez. 12:1-12; Ps. 77:56-57,58-59,61-62;
Mt. 18:21—19:1 (Ps Wk III)

“The Word of the Lord came to me.” The Prophet Ezra speaks these words. He understands how God’s Word empowers; it enables him to follow God’s commands and be a sign to Israel. To prophesy is to proclaim God’s presence in our midst. Jesus revealed God’s saving presence through his life and ministry amongst the people.

A constant message Jesus proclaimed was God’s mercy and forgiveness. Today He teaches us how to forgive – always and in excess. This is why He speaks of forgiving seventy-seven times, not seven. This is how God forgives –every time and abundantly. His teaching is the Word of the Lord come to us. Do we hear God’s Word and act on it?

We have experienced God’s mercy and forgiveness repeatedly. In turn, we should forgive like God. This is how we act as a sign of His mercy. However, haven’t there been times when we acted like the debtor who cannot forgive?  To forgive like God helps others experience the fullness of God’s mercy, and they will never forget God.

The Feast of St Claire focuses on God’s goodness working through her life, vocation and ministry. As we celebrate her, we remember how God draws many to Himself through her. Encountering God through Claire, many cannot forget God. She was God’s sign of His love for all. We are called to be this same sign in daily life. Shall we?

“Come, Lord, and make Your Word alive in me.”

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