19th Week in Ordinary Time : Saturday 13th August 2022

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SS. Pontian, pope, and Hippolytus, priest, martyrs

19th Week in Ordinary Time : Saturday 13th August 2022

Ez. 18:1-10,13b,30-32; Ps. 50:12-13,14-15,18-19;
Mt. 19:13-15 (Ps Wk III)

It was a Jewish custom to present the children to the rabbis so that they would bless them. But in today’s Gospel, the Apostles thought that the children were abusing the goodness of Jesus. They started to drive the children away from His presence with gestures and harsh words. The Lord reproved their attitude and asked the children to come to Him because “there is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Pestered by the “dialectic mis- understanding” of the Pharisees, Jesus was resting with the simplicity of the children.

This happening has a beautiful symbolism. Openly Jesus wanted to ratify His love for the simple ones, those pure at heart. These are open to the Kingdom of God. The “sufficient ones”, those who aim to be critical, judging God’s saving plan, continually involved in discussions and polemics, are those who do not fully enter into God’s loving plan.

This beautiful symbolism is also reaffirmed in the first reading. The prophets’ preaching rediscovers the image of Yahweh that He is God for everybody and  corrects mistaken formulations.

Have mercy on me, O God, according to Your steadfast love. Restore to me the joy of Your salvation. Let me come to You.

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