16th Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 20th July 2022

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Saint Apollinaris, Bishop and Martyr

16th Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 20th July 2022

Jer. 1:1,4-10; Ps. 70:1-2,3-4a,5-6ab,15ab and 17;
Mt. 13:1-9 (Ps Wk IV)

Unless someone is called by God and sent as God’s prophet to the people of the Covenant, there is no reason why they should listen to him. So, Jeremiah establishes his credentials as a prophet. That is, God “knew”, “dedicated”, and “appointed” him to be “a prophet to the nations”. Jeremiah’s excuse that “I do not know how to speak; I am too young” is an attempt to escape the difficulties of the prophetic call. Jeremiah knew that prophets lead a lonely life and are frequently scorned, persecuted, and rejected. Jeremiah’s only assurance is God’s promise, “I am with you to deliver you.”

In the Gospel, Jesus preaches the Parable of the Sower. The sower casts the seeds everywhere in the field but cannot tell what may result from his sowing. Many seeds may seem to have been wasted. Bible commentators say that Jesus told this parable to encourage His  followers. He knew that, like Him, they would face ridicule, rejection and even persecution when proclaiming the Good News. They would face discouragement when what they sowed did not seem to bear fruit. Yes, a great amount of seed may seem wasted, yet the success and abundance of the seeds are assured. Despite much opposition from religious and political leaders and poor response from the people, Jesus expresses confidence that God will see the triumph of His kingdom and its proclamation.

Lord, help me to faithfully proclaim the Good News.

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